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About Us

Christ Episcopal Church is a welcoming community in Southside Virginia. Ours is a small church, which creates a true family feeling, and we are always happy to welcome new members to our family! The strength of our congregation lies in its diversity. We have both "Cradle Episcopalians" and those who grew up in other denominations before joining us, and all are welcome and made comfortable. The economic make-up and age range of our congregation cover a wide spectrum. We feel this is a plus, for our congregation is a most accepting and nurturing group of people. Clothing style is not important at Christ Church; attendance is!

Brief History

In 1922, two sisters saw the need for a worship group in a neighborhood east of Danville named Eastwood. A parochial mission was started as an adjunct of the Church of the Epiphany (Danville's other Episcopal Church). Now, almost 100 years later, that mission is the loving community of Christ Episcopal Church. Originally meeting on Sunday afternoons in a two-room schoolhouse, the group started to build a church within a year. By 1982, the Glenwood church was sold and construction of a new church was begun on our current Rte. 41 site.

Our Well-Being

Our spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being is nurtured by the many opportunities available each week, such as the Sunday worship service, Sunday School for our children, the after-service coffee hour, weekly luncheons, and various outreach activities in our area.

Our faith is put into practice in many ways by

In addition, we have a very active Episcopal Church Women's group, and we support the Gideon ministry, Camp Wakonda, and local, national, and international relief efforts, such as the fund established for Haiti.

An activity we are especially proud of is our Prayer Shawl Ministry. Members make prayer shawls, lap robes, and pocket prayer cloths for comfort, illness, marriage, the birth of a child, baptism, confirmation, graduation, anniversary, and more. Many of the pocket prayer cloths are sent to military men and women serving overseas, who carry them in their helmets to remind them of God's love.


Our liturgical worship service generally follows Rite II in the Book of Common Prayer. Communion is held each Sunday, with very few exceptions, and all baptized Christians are welcome to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Over the years, our liturgical worship service has incorporated many of the Anglican traditions, including holy water at the entrance to the sanctuary, a statue of Mary behind the altar, and bells at Communion. Easter and Christmas have been High Church celebrations with incense and holy water.

We also have a peaceful Prayer Garden for private worship.

Currently, our Sunday service is held at 10:00a.m.

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